Why Choose BP?


Breakthrough Parenting transformed my relationship with my daughter, now 16.  My daughter is self-confidant and self-assured, an excellent communicator and problem-solver.  She is affectionate with me and respects my opinion, we HAVE FUN together.

It wasn’t always like that.  Breakthrough Parenting taught me how to communicate with my daughter instead of arguing, it taught me how to include my daughter in solving problems, if they are part of the solution they are more committed to the plan.  It taught me how to understand how feelings, thoughts and needs can affect her behavior.

Simply put, it transformed our relationship!  We now have the relationship I always wanted when I thought of having children.

If you want to have an AMAZING RELATIONSHIP with your children, then Breakthrough Parenting will give you the knowledge, tools and skills you need to transform your relationship like I transformed ours.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Patricia Lessard; a Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor in Canada authorized to conduct parenting classes outside of a therapy setting. Innovative in its course content, this parenting program called Breakthrough Parenting® is now being offered in your area by myself.

Breakthrough Parenting® programs assist parents in transforming their relationship through well-researched, materials developed over 10 years by UCLA’s Dr. Jayne Major. In fact, the effectiveness of Breakthrough Parenting® is so highly valued it is recommended by some Family Court judges for its benefits with both parents and children.

Every part of the Breakthrough Parenting® program has shown to be effective for people of all educational and socio-economic background. Participants work through an 8-week program that includes a comprehensive manual parents must use and have reviewed before a “Letter of Completion” is issued for the program. This is an asset to parents involved in custody issues as it holds more merit than a certificate of attendance offered by other parenting courses.

The Breakthrough Parenting® program  is ideal for:

  • Parents involved in long-term custody issues.
  • Parents who want to maintain a collaborative divorce agreement around child care.
  • Parents who struggle with their child’s behaviour in school and around school work.
  • Parents who want the tools to help increase their child’s self-esteem.
  • Parents in need of more effective means of communication skill sets with their child.
  • Parents who want to use positive parenting approaches to discipline.
  • Parents in need of conflict resolution and solution-driven results.

For more information regarding this program and for up coming course dates starting in January 2010 please contact me directly at 604.881-1104.

Moving Your Family From Struggle To Cooperation

Biography of Patricia Lessard, CBPMI

Certified Breakthrough Parenting Master Instructor

Patricia Lessard is a mother of two, a 27 year old son and a 16 year old daughter.

Several years ago a forensic psychologist determined that her daughter’s father had successfully alienated her daughter from Patricia.

This left Patricia and her daughter with a badly ruptured relationship.

Patricia’s daughter had little respect or affection for her mother.  Her daughter was displaying hostile behaviour, little or no cooperation and her daughter believed that she had little desire or need for a relationship with her mother.

Patricia was determined to heal the ruptured relationship and researched parenting courses.  She discovered Breakthrough Parenting® and instantly ordered the course.

Within weeks of starting the course her daughter started responding and the relationship started to slowly re-bloom.  As Patricia continued the course her confidence as a parent started to increase.  Understanding more about how children learn and develop, as well as the tools and techniques taught in this course empowered her to become closer to the parent she aspired to.

No longer doubting her ability as a parent or what to do in a given situation, Patricia, simply needed to go back to what she learnt in the course and use her new skills to diffuse highly charged emotionally situations and gain co-operation.

Patricia was so excited with what this course had helped her accomplish with her daughter she wanted to share it with other parents.  She then went on to take the instructor course and is now sharing these effective parenting tools.